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Our Nevada facility is located in a valley meadow beneath the beautiful layered colors of Rainbow Canyon, near Caliente, Nevada, offering the perfect distraction free environment for addressing drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This rural ranch facility rests on 320 acres safely located 160 miles away from the nearest metropolitan city (Las Vegas), providing an ideal sanctuary from the temptations and restimulative environments that have previously fueled our clients' compulsive behaviors.

Nevada Lodge View PhotoOur long term treatment program provides complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from substance abuse, which is usually one of the most difficult, and ultimately most rewarding, endeavors that our clients will accomplish in life. Therefore, we understand that it is very important to have facilities that provide everything necessary to complete this process, while also ensuring our clients are safe, comfortable and are provided with enjoyable recreational and fitness opportunities.

This former dude ranch provides fresh air and scenic canyon views, which is a healthy change of environment for our clients, while the facility itself includes the necessary spaces and amenities needed to deliver the program, while providing an enjoyable stay during their time with us.

Our country ranch retreat has several buildings, common areas and recreational areas to accommodate our program's delivery and to accommodate our clients' needs after regular program hours. The main log cabin style house is set on active cattle and horse grazing land, which gives this center its home-style ranch feel. This building is where our clients gather after the regular program schedule to dine, relax in the lounge, play cards, play games or watch a movie. Also, there are many other activities to enjoy, such as volleyball, basketball, billiards, horseshoes, and seasonal sports such as swimming and softball, depending on availability.

Although, there are many activities available outside of the regular program schedule, our actual cognitive behavioral treatment courses and activities take up the majority of each of our clients time and focus, as well as the time and focus of our dedicated staff. For this reason, our program staff is always available to ensure that each of our clients is progressing well through each stage of our program and in the many other areas of their lives.


P.O. Box 970
Caliente, NV 89008

UPS or FedEx:
17095 State Route 317
Caliente, NV 89008

PHONE: 775-726-3948
TOLL FREE: 866-666-3784
FAX: 775-726-3951


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