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Fresh Start - Harlingen Texas Outreach Center

HARLINGEN OUTREACH CENTERHarlingen Outreach Center Staff

Joseph Sauseda the executive director of our Texas facility and Dr. Juan Villareal, the founder, both understand the importance of helping youth and were more than happy to become part of the creation of the new Harlingen Outreach Center for troubled youth. And, Fresh Start's executive council was happy to support them in this endeavor.

This new Outreach Center is housed in the former police station, and contains many services for the at-risk youth of the area, including The Gulf Coast Program to aid in GED certification, general counseling, family services, Texas Workforce Solutions for possible job placement, recreational programs including boxing, and of course, Fresh Start Drug Prevention and Life Skills programs.

Harlingen Texas Outreach CenterThe Fresh Start component will help at-risk and troubled youth understand the dangers of drug use, give them study and communication skills and offer them moral guidance to give them a better understanding of how ethical living is a key component to creating a happy, successful life.

This new Outreach Center was created by Tommy Ramirez, the Chief of the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department and it was supported by the Mayor, City Commissioners, District Director for US House Representative, Rubén Hinojosa, and numerous other civic leaders.

Harlingen Outreach Center - Joseph Sauceda
Joseph Sauceda was very happy to join the partnership and provide drug prevention workshops and the highly successful "Life Skills" courses to the at-risk teens and youths of the Outreach Center. He believes this type of community effort will provide hope to this often neglected segment of society, and that it will provide practical methods to overcome the barriers they are faced with everyday.

Dr. Juan Villareal, is very encouraged by the students that are already participating in the program. He already sees that his dream, backed by this grass roots effort, has become a reality. Since the center opened, he has witnessed the positive results that the Study Technology and Life Skills courses have had on these young participants. He said "This collaboration is really making a difference in our community!"