There is a treatment program available to you, which produces long term success by applying a treatment philosophy designed to resolve addiction.

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Our program is unique and effective because we do not treat addiction as an inherited or incurable disease, nor do we believe that it needs to be addressed with endless periods of treatment or medication.

Our philosophy is that drug and alcohol abuse begins with physical and/or emotional pain and discomfort. The addict is using drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism to lessen their awareness of these problems. We specialize in procedures that help our clients regain their awareness so they can properly identify and overcome the problems that are perpetuating their addiction. Our holistic, drug-free approach addresses the body, mind and spirit, allowing our clients to ultimately regain their self-respect and self-control so they can learn to live sober, happy and productive lives.


Our program methodology has been accomplishing effective treatment with proven success since 1966. In multiple outcome studies over a span of forty years, an average of 75% of responding graduates of our program methodology reported they were living drug-free lives six months or more after completing it. In fact, our success is the main reason we can be confident in standing behind our results by offering a free review program to any eligible client who relapses within 6 months of graduating our program. For further details and eligibility requirements please go to Program Guarantee.


Our Detoxification VideoOur innovative Detoxification and educational Life Skills programs are an alternative to traditional methods and drug substitution methods of treatment. They were designed to standardly produce long-term success by addressing the specific physical and mental sources of addiction, and the many behaviors associated with it, and resolving them..

Our Detoxification Program provides a comprehensive drug detoxification method which eliminates the effects of drug residues that remain in the cells of the body after excessive drug or alcohol use. These residues may trigger drug cravings and other physical and emotional responses; therefore, removing these factors is a vital step in our treatment process. Read more about the Our Detoxification Program.

Life-Skills VideoAfter the physical sources of addiction are handled, the mental sources of addiction are addressed. This is accomplished through our educational Life Skills courses which help the individual learn how to recognize and overcome the barriers to their recovery. Our manualized (of a training manual) educational modality was designed to prompt the type of mental changes in thought that are needed to change addictive behavior, maintain sobriety and be successful in the many other aspects of life. Manualized modalities have been shown to minimize the variances in individualized treatment, allowing for a more uniform and standardized treatment plan. Read more about the Program Overview and Guide.

We have the proper treatment technology to achieve true recovery without resorting to the use of substitute drugs which have their own negative side-effects, addictive qualities and withdrawal symptoms. Thousands of our successful graduates have proven that is it possible to overcome addiction and return to a normal, prosperous and sober life. To find out how you can help yourself or someone else achieve similar success: please call 855-734-2223 for treatment that works.