There is a treatment method available to you which produces long term success. While every person and family dealing with addiction is different, there are some basic common issues that are at the bottom of every addiction and we can help you find and resolve them.

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The program philosophy is based on confronting and locating the specific causes of addiction, and the many behaviors associated with it, and resolving them. We do not treat addiction as a disease and we do not label our clients as alcoholics or addicts. We treat drug and alcohol addiction for what it truly is: a physical and mental problem that needs to be overcome by addressing the underlying issues that the individual is trying to solve with drugs or alcohol.


The addiction problem is one of both learned behavior and physical conditioning to drugs. Once an individual has taken drugs or alcohol in excess over a long period of time, the body and the mind make changes and accommodations for these substances. These changes can be reversed if treated before severe damage occurs but will take time and a treatment program that addresses both the physical and mental causes of addiction. Read about the causes of relapse.


New Life Detoxification Video Our New Life Detoxification Program combined with our educational Life Skills Program are an alternative approach that is effective and has one of the highest success rates in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field, accomplishing true rehabilitation with a proven record of success for over 45 years. In fact, this is one of the very few programs that stands by its results with a program guarantee. Read about our written guarantee.

Life-Skills Video Usually a drug withdrawal period and drug detoxification are used synonymously, meaning the period of time in which an addict is abstaining from using their drug of choice and experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Our detoxification method is done in two phases including a regular withdrawal period, which would usually be considered a standard detoxification period, followed by a more intensive and thorough detoxification process, which is unique to our program. The first phase of detoxification, our Drug Free Withdrawal program, differs from other standard detoxification methods in that our unique withdrawal program techniques and nutritional therapies aid in reducing withdrawal symptoms and discomfort while not using substitute drugs. In addition to that, the second phase or the New Life Detoxification program provides an innovative and comprehensive drug detoxification method which handles the drug residues and effects that remain after the initial phase of detoxification. Read more about the Causes of Relapse.

After the physical sources of the addiction are handled, the mental sources of the addiction are addressed through the application of the educational Life Skills courses that help the individual understand their underlying issues and guide them through the mental realizations or changes in thought that are needed to modify their behavior. This is what is known as manualized (of a training manual) cognitive behavioral modification. Manualized therapies have been shown to minimize the variances in individualized treatment allowing for a more uniform and standardized treatment plan.

Our program's proven drug detoxification program and educational Life Skills rehabilitation program covers the many necessary components of treatment. It is very structured and it is laid out in a specific step by step sequence of Life Skills training manuals to obtain the best results. This road to true recovery is intense, but with proper guidance and with our proven rehabilitation technology it can be accomplished. The rest of this website will give you more detailed information on the program. Read more about the Program Overview and Guide.


In the past, Drug and Alcohol addiction has been very difficult to treat which resulted in many failures in finding permanent solutions. Since highly successful solutions were not always previously available, it was widely thought that these afflictions were not able to be resolved and therefore they were labeled as "incurable diseases". This theory opened up an avenue which, although irrational, has somehow been trying to gain acceptance - drug substitution treatment. This takes an addict off of the drug that they are addicted to and puts them on other drugs that control their mood, sleep, anxiety level and energy level, thus the person is now using a substitute drug instead of the one they are addicted to. These substitute drugs have their own side effects, problems and withdrawal symptoms and although they can offer a temporary solution, they cannot be considered true rehabilitation.

Our innovative methods have been being used successfully since 1966 and have been proving that people can be truly rehabilitated without using substitute drugs and that people can return to a normal, productive, drug free life.

Our Intake Counselors can help guide you and explain the details of the program and common pitfalls to avoid when choosing drug or alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. Please call (855) REHAB-CENTER (855-734-2223) for a consultation and assessment.